Coral Reef Fish Species

Did you know that Key West is home to the largest reef in the continental United States and the third largest on the planet? No wonder it’s such a draw for divers and snorkelers around the world! The coral reefs around Key West play host to some of the most brightly colored and biologically diverse fish species in the world. The warmth of the Gulf of Mexico mixed with the cooler waters of the Atlantic make for an ideal environment for tropical species. This blog is dedicated to educating prospective visitors about the underwater world of the Florida Reef. Ocean Vue adventures, the top rated snorkeling tour in Key West, will introduce you to some of these fascinating species. Throw on a mask and a set of fins and slip into an underwater world befitting of any Dr. Suess book! Prepare to come face to face with species like the Blue Tang, a disc-like fish that appears in blue or purple. You’ll recognize this reef snacking fish the moment you see it, because Disney often uses it for its illustrated sets. And you haven’t seen anything like the the spiny lobster or rock lobster, a curious crustacean related to the crab family, yet lack the claws of their pinching cousins! This is but a tiny a sampling of what you’ll find floating past your mask - Happy Snorkeling!

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