Butterfly Fish

If your mind and body are aching for a relaxing vacation on a beautiful beach with warm inviting waters, you can expect to find just that when you choose Key West snorkeling as one of your vacation activities. Your snorkeling adventure will take you into a world of beautiful and exotic creatures.

Butterflyfish, including the Foureye butterflyfish and the Banded butterflyfish, are among the gorgeous fish you will see when you snorkel in the beautiful waters of Key West. Growing up to 8 inches in length, these amazing fish can be seen swimming among the coral reefs where they use their protruding snouts to search for a meal of worms or polyps.

They are easily distinguishable from their dazzling patterns and colors which usually come in yellow, orange, red or blue. For protection at night, these fish sleep in dark crevices where their brilliant colors and markings will fade to enable them to blend in with the reef background.

The Foureye butterflyfish sports an extra large dark spot on the backside of its body. It is surrounded by a white ring and looks very much like another eye and is thought to be there to confuse possible predators. The Banded butterflyfish is known for its extra wide black bands overlaying its bright colors.

You can't go wrong when you choose Key West snorkeling for some relaxation time. Enjoy seeing these fish and many other life forms in the welcoming waters and return home well rested and refreshed.