The Amazing White Spotted Filefish

The White Spotted Filefish is a very interesting fish that can be enjoyed while snorkeling Key West. It is a poor swimmer which makes it easier to study and more likely to get a good look at. The fish can be seen in many different shades of yellow and orange. They are able to change their color for protection and can turn almost black. They often have white spots to help them blend in. If you see one, watch it for a bit. It may change colors right before your eyes.

Another characteristic of the White Spotted Filefish is its flat body. Some can grow as long as 24inches, but they are all narrow bodied. They also have a rough, sandpaper type skin. Their nose is long with a fluted end. The White Spotted Filefish also have a retractable spine crowning their heads. This spine aids in their protection and also makes them look larger to ward of attackers.

The adult White Spotted Filefish prefer to hang out in the shallows. They are a great fish to watch for while snorkeling Key West. They are often seen drifting nose down. This is a tactic to deter predators and fool prey. They are usually alone or in small groups and will hide if threatened.