Top 3 Mask Brands

Key West dolphins, sharks, and coral reefs are some of the myriad reasons that tourists and locals alike love to go diving and snorkeling in the warm waters off the coast of this charming and eccentric island. When diving, wearing the right mask is important. Though every diver has a favorite brand, certain ones stick out above the rest. Below are three great mask companies and some of their most popular lines.


Aqualung is a company that has been around for decades and can trace its history all the way back to Jacques Cousteau. It is as innovative today as it was then,and has multiple lines of diving masks for consumers to pick from. Ventura, one popular mask, has a low volume comfortable design with a simple style. Linea is another style of mask, one specifically geared towards women, which also boasts a very simple but stylish design. It has a wide skirt and a easy to adjust band which doesn't snag on long hair. Lens, frame and skirt are all molded together rather than assembled, making it sturdy and comfortable. It is also low volume, which gives it a great horizontal view. Impression is a third style within the Aqualung family that is popular. It has two separate lenses and a very wide skirt, making it a great mask visually while also focusing on comfort. The wide skirt also helps to avoid lines on a diver's face after they remove the mask.


Tilos has a full range of diving equipment, including masks. The Panoramic SG is one of their excellent masks, and is popular for having a unique side window design which lets in extra light and provides a great panoramic view. The company also has the Hawk Eyes, which can be made with prescription lenses, always good for a diver who prefers not to wear contact lenses. It also has a good vertical view. The Viso Pro is another in their line, which differs in style by not having two separate lenses but instead being one wide window. It comes with UV protection in the lenses and easy to adjust buckles, making it a great choice for any diver.


Mares is a third company that is very well respected in the field. I3 Liquidskin is one of their masks and also has a great horizontal view, in large part because of its three different lenses. Like other popular masks on this list, it is built for comfort. It has a soft, wide skirt and easy to adjust bands. The Star Liquidskin, which is quite similar, is very low volume and comfortable, as well as being small and portable. Any of these masks would be a solid choice for a diver looking to buy new equipment.