Snorkeling in Key West

Our Most Popular Location for Snorkeling in Key West

The entire Florida Keys barrier reef system last for more than 220 miles, which gives us plenty of great snorkeling locations to hold tours. Here is an overview of the three most popular reefs when Snorkeling in Key West:

Sand Key

Sand Key is the most visited spot on our tour, given how close to the shore it is (seven miles). It is also the best protected, allowing for large groups to go into the water without any problems. The Sand Key Lighthouse, which was built in 1853, is also located at this spot.

Rock Key

Rock Key is only a few miles away from Sand Key, and is home to plenty of beautiful coral and marine species. There are colorful sergeant majors, yellowtail snappers, and parrotfish located here.

Eastern Dry Rocks

The third most popular of the Key West Snorkeling Tours, Eastern Dry Rocks is often known as the "finger canyons". This is because of the unique experience of being inches from the coral reef, which gives our visitors a beautiful sensation of watching both the coral and the fish.

Snorkeling Gear

When Snorkeling in Key West on one of our tours, we provide top of the line Snorkeling Gear free of charge. This will allow you to avoid lugging around the equipment wherever you go, and it will save you money instead of renting or buying gear elsewhere. If you are planning on purchasing gear on your vacation in Key West, our crew will be happy to explain all the differences insnorkeling masks, snorkels, fins, cameras, vests, and underwater cameras. We don't offer Underwater Cameras on board, but it is a great way to get pictures that will stay with you as a reminder of your unique experience.

Snorkel Safely

When you are on one of our Key West Snorkeling Tours, it is of paramount importance that your safety and the safety of the coral is maintained at all times. To ensure this, you will never snorkel alone, and we will gladly pair you up with a buddy if traveling single.

Snorkeling History

The act of snorkeling has been happening for over 5000 years, with the earliest evidence coming in 3000 BC. Those peoples were known as free divers, and the first diving took place through the sponge farmers in Crete. The Assyrians, Alexander the Great, the ancient Spanish, and the British Empire are just a few historical people/groups that had a passion for snorkeling.

Snorkeling Basics

It is vital that any snorkeler is comfortable both with wearing the mask, and with breathing through the snorkel. A snorkeler must also be comfortable with clearing the snorkel, and clearing the mask. Both processes are very straightforward once you get the hang of them. Our crew will assist you if necessary. Please don't hesitate to ask!