Glass Bottom Boat Key West

Visit The Underwater World Of The Florida Keys Reefs Without Getting Wet

Key West, Florida, is the only place in the continental United States with a natural barrier reef just offshore. Each year, thousands of people visit the reefs to view the amazing marine life up-close. Snorkeling and scuba diving are fantastic ways to view the tropical splendors of live coral reefs, but options also exist for non-swimming visitors to view the remarkable marine life without getting wet. Just hop aboard our Ocean Vue glass bottom boat Key West, and head out for an exquisite peek into the underwater home of sea creatures as they play, feed and fight for survival.

Information on a Glass Bottom Boat Key West

Glass bottom boats have a heavy glass window built into the bottom of the boat, which allows people to sit or stand around it, providing a view of the underwater activity that they would normally miss. It is an incredible way to look inside a different world yet not disturb it. After the captain pilots the boat to a reef, the motor is shut off, which leaves the boat to quietly rest above the coral that teems with vibrantly marked fish. Tourists spot damselfish, Yellowtail Snapper, Spiny Lobsters, and sometimes unicorn fish, which have a sword-like protrusion from their forehead, plus a vast assortment of other species.

Amazingly, the turquoise water surrounding the Florida Reefs are home to over 1,350 species of marine fauna and flora including over 40 types of corals and over 500 species of fish. Despite resting on the northern boundary of tropical waters that corals need to flourish, the biodiversity on Florida's many reefs rival that of the reef networks in the Caribbean Sea. Moreover, glass bottom boats Key West give tourists a chance to view old shipwrecks and observe dolphins living in an incredible ecosystem.

Exploring the ocean floor on our relaxing and educational trip is something that you will not forget. By taking our combo tour, which includes snorkeling for those interested, everyone gets to enjoy our amazing Coral Reef.